Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Student Organizations

A theological education is incomplete without sustained investment in Christian community.

Our students have formed a number of organizations centered around common interests and goals; your & your family’s time at TEDS may be enriched by participating in some of these groups or in various events they organize throughout the year.

Graduate Student Government Association

The GSGA is a group of elected students who advocate for and represent the TEDS / TGS student body in various ways, including interfacing with faculty and administration, as well as providing leadership in campus activities and overseeing various student organizations. In addition to Graduate Student Government, Trinity also facilitates the following student groups:

  • Faith Alive: Faith Alive is a group of students at Trinity who want to stimulate conversation and thinking about one’s relationship with God and how that should impact relationships with others. It strive to raise awareness of local and global needs for justice and mercy through thoughtful examination of Scripture and society, and by taking informed and self-denying action to address these needs through local engagement. The group is committed to biblical transformation of self and society.
  • Fellowship of International Students (FIS): The Fellowship of International Students exists to advocate for and attend to the needs of the F-1 and J-1 student community and their families. The FIS also strives to be a bridge builder by facilitating enriching, diverse, and international experience and fellowship within the TEDS/TGS community. The FIS is composed of fellowship groups such as the African Students Fellowship, Chinese Students Fellowship, European Students Fellowship, Japanese Students Fellowship, and Korean Students Fellowship.
  • Gospel in the Public Square (GPS): The Gospel in the Public Square seeks to bridge the gap between the Trinity Community, the classroom, and the culture at large. Through multiple events held on campus throughout the year, GPS invites Trinity faculty and other experts to speak on cultural issues in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the hope of GPS to equip future church leaders to engage with often difficult cultural issues that every Christian must address in a loving and biblically based manner.
  • The Graduate Scrawl: The Graduate Scrawl is a regular online newspaper featuring interviews with faculty and students, reviews, poetry, and stories about current happenings at Trinity. This group welcomes submissions from members of the Trinity graduate community.
  • International Missions Fellowship (IMF): IMF functions to educate the TEDS/TGS community as to the nature, extent, and opportunities of home and foreign missionary service. It is open to all Trinity students who are interested in the cause of world evangelization. IMF seeks to stimulate awareness of and involvement in the cross- cultural communication of the gospel, resulting in the Great Commission becoming a reality for every believer.
  • Trinity Artists Guild (TAG): The Trinity Artists Guild facilitates the involvement of students, staff, and faculty of TEDS and TGS in the arts. The events are focused on encouraging artistic involvement within the graduate schools. Groups will cover a variety of arts such as creative writing, visual arts, music, dance, video, drama, etc.
  • Trinity Military Ministry (TMM): Trinity Military Ministry is a group of students, faculty, and staff who feel called to minister to military service men and women who are currently serving or have served, and their families. This group is open to anyone who desires to understand the needs specific to military life.
  • Trinity Society of Women (TSW): The purpose of this organization is to inspire women to exemplify integrity in life and doctrine in the pursuit of God-glorifying excellence at TEDS and TGS. This is facilitated through developing, organizing, and supporting activities for women students at Trinity. It will also serve to help acclimate women to campus and prepare them for ministry in whatever area God has called them to serve. These activities include mentoring programs, informal lunches, prayer meetings, guest speakers, and events.
  • Youth Ministry Connection (YMC): Youth Ministry Connection exists to connect TEDS/TGS students involved in youth ministry to each other with relationships and resources to help develop their present and future youth ministries. It provides the opportunity for students to meet and discuss the more pragmatic or puzzling issues of youth ministry not covered in class. It also seeks to connect each other with information on local events and on materials we have found relevant.

For more information about GSGA or any of these groups, email [email protected].

Trinity Wives Fellowship

TWF exists to enrich relationships with God, family, and other women, to offer support through the unique experience of seminary life, and to provide opportunities for growth and service. For more information about TWF, continue on here.