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Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


TEDS Lecture Series: Kevin Vanhoozer

What are Theologians For?
Why Doctors of the Church Should Prescribe Doctrine

by Kevin J. Vanhoozer, PhD

“The real work of theology is, indeed, farming. Theologians are for growing healthy disciples who know how to live along the grain of the created order as it is being renewed in Christ. Theologians are for ministering health to the body of Christ, for helping its members to become little Christs. This is no waste of time. It is the way to redeem the time by cultivating godliness that is the lived knowledge of God. We might say that the real work of theology is the work of getting real, of conforming our speech, thought, and actions to the mind and heart of Jesus Christ who is the index of reality, the repository of all truth, goodness and beauty.” 

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This lecture is the first in a series of  TEDS Video Lectures, designed to allow our community to experience our faculty doing what they love best: teaching.