Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


TEDS Lecture Series: Dana Harris

Introduction to Luke-Acts

by Dana M. Harris, PhD

In the third installment of The TEDS Lecture Series, we present material from Dr. Dana Harris, Associate Professor of New Testament, who provides valuable insight into Luke-Acts.

Filmed during a three-hour lecture in Spring 2013, the seven videos in this series offer a glimpse into Dr. Harris’ NT 5000 course, which is a general introduction to and overview of the New Testament. In addition to the in-class lecture footage, the videos also feature insightful one-on-one interviews with Dr. Harris as she elaborates on key lecture points and explains aspects of her teaching style. The interactions with Dr. Harris both in the classroom and the more personal setting portray a compelling picture of what it is like to be a part of the TEDS community.

*Please note that at the 4:54 mark in lecture 6 the audio cuts out momentarily. The words spoken during these brief seconds are, “…why a passage dealing with Judas is instrumental to the Book of Acts.”

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