Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Other Flexible Options

Our goal is to make a TEDS education as accessible as possible. Whether you are in full-time vocational ministry or in the workplace, we hope you find an educational option that fits your lifestyle.

If you are unable to attend one of our extension sites or to take online classes, you might find one of our affiliates (CRU, InterVarsity, Perspectives, and Young Life) or our wrap around courses are the best option for you:

Combine Courses to Complete Degrees

Though the availability of particular courses varies from semester to semester, courses applying to the Certificate in Christian Studies, the Master of Arts (Theological Studies) (MA/TS), the Master of Arts in Ministry (MA in Min), the Master of Arts (Intercultural Studies) (MA/ICS), or the Master of Divinity (MDiv) may all be completed in a combination of nontraditional modes. One may complete a Certificate in two years, an MA/CS, MA in Min, or MA/ICS in four years, and an MDiv in eight years by taking one or two courses each fall, spring, and summer semester.

Extension site, distance education, and summer and short-term Deerfield campus course work can be combined in a number of ways to complete major portions of these programs. Prospective and accepted students are encouraged to consult with the Admissions Office, the Office of Extension, or a program advisor to determine possible options.