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Master of Theology

Master of Theology

Our ThM provides advanced theological study in one discipline beyond what is normally provided at the MDiv level. We offer discipline concentrations in each of our eight departments (Church History, Counseling, Educational Studies, Mission and Evangelism, New Testament, Old Testament, Pastoral Theology, and Systematic Theology), as well as inter-departmental specialized concentrations developed in consultation with the departmental faculty (such as Chaplaincy, Ethics, Generational Ministry, Homiletics, Spiritual Formation, and others).

Where can this degree take me?

Building as it does upon an MDiv, the ThM is a natural bridge to doctoral work for those pursuing academic teaching and writing. Additionally, MDiv students who might not be interested in PhD work may find that the ThM allows them to deepen their academic foundations in a particular area that will benefit future ministry.

What will I study?

The ThM consists mainly of rigorous, specific coursework in the subject area of your choosing (20-22 hours), in addition to 2-4 hours of research theory or applied practice within your chosen concentration. Your faculty advisor will help you with course choices and structure depending on your area of interest. Additionally, all ThM students will write either two major research papers or a thesis.

  • Research Theory / Applied Practice in the Concentration - 2-4 hrs

    Relevant courses as determined by the department – you’ll work with your advisor to fill these hours.
  • Concentration Core - 19-20 hrs

    Advanced courses related to the concentration (normally 7000-8999 level)
    Concentrations may focus on department-specific coursework (such as church history, counseling, educational ministry, missions, Old or New Testament, pastoral theology, systematic theology) or interdepartmentally specialized concentrations (bioethics, chaplaincy, church planting, ethics, homiletics, spiritual formation, etc.)
    Specific courses in the Concentration Core are developed from the Catalog curriculum in consultation with the department faculty
    Concentration Core may include up to three hours of your thesis

  • Capstone - 0-3 hrs

    Two Major Research Papers (8980, 0 hrs) -or-
    8985 ThM Thesis (0-3 hrs)
    *Note: If all advanced courses have been completed without major papers, additional course work is required to facilitate completion of this capstone option.
  • Concentration in Ethics Core Curriculum

    The ThM Concentration in Ethics is a pre-designed concentration for those interested in engaging broad philosophical / theological ethical issues in conjunction with bioethical issues specifically.
    ST 5700 Theological Ethics 3 hrs
    BE 5000 Matters of Life and Death 3 hrs
    ST / PR 7000-8999 Ethics / Ethics-related Courses 9-12 hrs
    BE 7000-8999 Bioethics Courses 9-12 hrs

What are the prerequisites for admission to this program?

In addition to the requirements for general admission, you’ll need the following:

  • An earned Master of Divinity degree or its equivalent from an accredited school whose standards are similar to those of Trinity (at least 74 semester hours of graduate study in areas closely parallel to our MDiv curriculum, including 12 hours each of Old Testament, New Testament, and Systematic Theology, 3 hours of Church History, and 35 hours of free electives)
  • For all graduate coursework, a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the biblical and modern languages appropriate to work in your selected concentration (at time of application, you’ll need to declare your desired concentration)
  • An intended area of concentration (declared when you apply)