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Master of Arts / New Testament

Studying the New Testament isn’t a merely academic exercise for the Christian; it is an act of worship.

The MA / NT is a rigorous, specialized program focusing on academic study of the New Testament – its texts, context, translation, reception history, theology, and interpretation.

Master of Arts / New Testament

Where can this degree take me?

This program is excellent preparation for further academic work at the graduate or doctoral level. Typically, MA / NT students desire to pursue careers in teaching and writing. Other students whose vocations are ministry-related have found that the MA / NT provides the grounding in Scripture they need for effective teaching and wise living. Finally, this program also prepares students to teach at some Christian secondary schools or Christian colleges.

What will I study?

In addition to some theology courses, the majority of your work will be done in core New Testament courses (including biblical Greek) and NT Studies electives. Courses you’ll take include the following:

  • Bible and Theology Core - 9 hours

    ID 5000 Biblical Theology and Interpretation 3 hours
    ST 5201 Theology I: The God of the Gospel 3 hours
    ST 5202 Theology II: The Gospel of God 3 hours

  • New Testament Core - 24-26 hours


    NT 5251 NT Greek Exegesis I 2 hours
    NT 5252 NT Greek Exegesis II 2 hours
    NT 8720 Advanced Greek Exegesis 2 hours
    Electives Studies in New Testament 16-18 hours

    One of the following courses:

    NT 8911 NT Research 2 hours
    ID 7900 Theological Research Methods 2 hours
    Note: One course may be an OT course
    Note: Up to 3 hours of the Capstone may be applied in the Concentration Core
    The following courses in other departments may be completed in the Concentration Core:
    ST 7395 Hermeneutics 3 hours


  • Field Education & Capstone - 1-3 hours

    Field Education

    PT 5090 Field Ed (two semesters) –or–
    PT 5090 Field Ed (one semester) and ID 5080 Formation Group (two semesters) 0 hours

    MA/NT Capstone (1-3 hours)

    NT 7477 MA Major Comprehensive Exam 1 hour
    Option 1:
    NT 7485 MA Thesis
    Option 2:
    NT 7980 & 7980 MA Major Research Paper and MA Major Research Paper


Field Education

All MA / NT students must complete a field education requirement. Learn more about field ed here.

What are the prerequisites for admission to this program?

In addition to the requirements for general admission, you’ll need the following:

  • 6 semester hours of Bible including Old and New Testament surveys; or TEDS OT 5000 and NT 5000
  • An undergraduate major in Bible or its equivalent that includes a minimum of 30 hours in Bible/Greek/theology (12 or more in Bible; beginning languages are not considered Bible courses)
  • Proficiency in biblical Greek at a level equivalent to completion of TEDS NT 4031 (two years of
    undergraduate Greek; testing for placement)