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Certificate in Educational Ministries




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Certificate in Educational Ministries

The purpose of the Certificate in Educational Ministries is to provide a broad contextual overview of the educational endeavors of the church, which seeks to equip people with theory and practice to become mature believers in Christ.

The Certificate in Educational Ministries is offered through the Educational Ministries and Studies Department at TEDS and offers a variety of options and areas of focus for your studies. Whether you are a busy ministry leader wanting to strengthen your skills, a graduate student seeking to enhance your degree program or someone interested in postgraduate or postdoctoral studies, your practice of ministry and base of knowledge will grow as a result of what you learn.

Do I complete the Certificate in Educational Ministries on campus?

No, not necessarily. The Certificate program is flexible and convenient. You can choose to take courses on our Deerfield campus, through TEDS online courses, or at an approved extension site.

What are the prerequisites for admission to this program?

Here are the requirements needed to enroll:

  • intensive or extensive life experience with educational practice in a church, parachurch, Christian organization, or in the public education arena (generally five-plus years of full-time experience)
  • non-formal or informal preparation for theological study in educational ministries at the graduate level (theological education in a church or parachurch environment)
  • demonstrated academic ability through evaluation and interview by the Educational Ministries Department; one need not hold a bachelor’s degree for admission
  • Certificate Application completed in full

* While the Certificate in Educational Ministries prepares you for a future degree program at Trinity, it does not guarantee acceptance into a degree program.

What will I study?

An admissions counselor will help you plan a course of study that aligns with your interests, career and ministry goals. The courses listed below are included in the program and will give you a clear snapshot of what you’ll be studying. Keep in mind that not all courses are available every semester. Contact our admissions office to find out what works best for you: 800-345-8337 or [email protected].

  • Required Courses

    Required courses (3-4 semester hours) generally completed at the beginning of enrollment
    EM 5200 Educational Ministries 2 hours
    EM 5210 Christian Leadership and Administration 2 hours
    OR EM 5100 Educational Ministries and Leadership 3 hours


  • Additional Requirements


    Suggested Courses Include (8-9 semester hours):
    Select additional semester hours of courses prefixed EM or ES are available at the master’s level (8999 or below). Courses from other departments or the ES 8000 Current Issues Seminar may be applied when such substitutions are approved in advance by the EM Department.
    EM 5510 Christian Formation and Journey 2 hours
    EM 5541 Youth and Emerging Adults in Congregations 2 hours
    EM 5560 Adults in Congregations 2 hours
    EM 6100 Intergenerational Ministry in the Church 3 hours
    ES 7524 Children in Congregations 1 or 2 hours
    ES 7535 Nurturing Families in the Church 1 or 2 hours
    ES 7560 Program Planning Dynamics in the Local Church 1 or 2 hours
    ES 8235 Ministry with Aging Adults 1 or 2 hours
    *Other departmental courses offered regularly may apply.


  • Completion Requirements


    Completion Requirements
    • All 12 hours must be completed through Trinity with a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0, with no course work graded below “C-” applicable to the Certificate.
    • All coursework applicable to the Certificate must be completed within a five-year period.
    • When the Certificate is taken in combination with a TIU degree, all 12 hours must be in addition to program degree coursework.
    • Completion of Certificate requirements required by the catalog curricula in effect at the time of initial enrollment.
    • Settlement of all financial obligations to Trinity and any other ACTS seminaries with Student Financial Services.


Advanced Standing in the Certificate Program

Advanced Standing of not more than three semester hours in the Certificates may be granted on the basis of prior academic work in a formal or non-formal context. Such work shall be assessed by the Educational Ministries Department in light of the stated Certificate objectives with evidence of knowledge, competence, and skills aligned with the degree program. Advanced standing with credit is not granted on the basis of ministerial or life experience. After consultation with the EM program advisor, petitions for advanced standing should be submitted to the department chair subsequent to completion of the first program course and prior to enrollment in the seventh credit hour. See the EM Department for details.