Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Systematic Theology

This concentration (60 hours total) focuses on the content and methods of systematic theology. Special attention is paid to the use of Scripture in theology, dialogue with historic and global theological traditions, and engaging broadly within your specific research area from a robustly critical-evangelical perspective.

Systematic Theology Concentration (60 hours total)

Required Courses 31 hours
Varies Select four Systematic Theology seminars 16 hrs
ID 9200 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar I 4 hrs
ID 9300 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar II 4 hrs
ST 9100 Advanced Theological Prolegomena 4 hrs
ST 9110 The Theological Scholar 2 hr
ST 9222 Principles of Higher Education 2 hrs
Advanced Electives Generally within this department or, with approval, other departments. 17 hrs
Comprehensive Exam Preparation and Dissertation 12 hrs
ST 9975 Comprehensive Exam prep 3 hrs
ST 9990 Dissertation Proposal prep 3 hrs
ST 9991 Dissertation Research 6 hrs