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Chaplains bring the presence of Christ to persons and situations that are often inaccessible to traditional pastors, missionaries, and parachurch workers. Chaplaincy ministry is incarnational by nature. A chaplain’s parish ranges from battlefields to airfields, hospital rooms to break rooms, prison chapels to ships at sea. Though chaplains are often associated with military forces or  hospitals, they may also serve in a number of different situations, such as disaster relief (first responder), corporate, fire departments, police departments, airports, race tracks, sports teams, nursing homes, hospice, and correctional institutions. Additionally, though many chaplains serve in a full-time capacity, a number of pastors have expanded their ministries by serving as reserve chaplains or as volunteers with their local police or fire departments. The opportunities chaplaincy ministry provides are plentiful.

Trinity is unique in its ability to offer not just basic chaplaincy courses, but specialized study options in related subjects including bioethics, counseling, and philosophy of religion (essential to those who serve in pluralistic environments). Additionally, Trinity’s proximity to a major military installation (Naval Station Great Lakes), major hospitals (including the nation’s first Federal Health Care Center), an abundance of nursing home, multi-level care facilities, and other chaplaincy-related organizations make this an ideal location to pursue chaplaincy training.

Students in the military chaplain career field may be eligible to receive a minimum of $4,500 per year in Trinity scholarships. Students must be accepted into the MDiv program at TEDS and approved as a Chaplain Candidate by a branch of the armed services or National Guard. Contact the Financial Aid Office at [email protected] for more details.

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Courses you might take:

PT 6300 Introduction to Chaplaincy Ministries
PT 8000 Advanced Chaplain Ministries
ME 8310 Religious Pluralism and Mission
ID 7375 Clinical Pastoral Education
CM 5110 Survey of Counseling Ministries
CO 5210 Counseling Skills Training
CO 6130 Addiction Counseling
ME 8312 Group Counseling
CO 6575 Parent Education
CO 7140 Crisis Counseling
EM 5510 Christian Formation and Journey
EM 5560 Christian Ministry with Adults
EM 5576 Marriage and Family Enrichment
ME 8310 Christian Encounters with World Religions
ME 8315 Christian Encounter with Islam
ME 8380 Religion in the Modern World
PT 7860 Social and Cultural Exegesis
PT 7870 Ministry of Mercy and Justice
BE 5000 Introduction to Bioethics: Matters of Life and Death
BE 5100 Bioethics Intensive Institute
BE 5900 Bioethics and Public Policy
BE 5900 Bioethics National Conference
BE 6300 Bioethics, Human Dignity, and the Church
BE 6500 Advanced Bioethics Institute
CC 5615 Cultural Engagement
CC 5620 Cultural Exegesis
Field education and internship credit may be earned in a variety of ways, including attendance at Chaplain Basic Officer Training (Army, Navy or Air Force) held at Ft. Jackson, SC.

For more information, contact Dr. Ken Botton, Coordinator of Chaplaincy Studies, at [email protected].