Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Preaching and Teaching

Students desiring to cultivate their preaching and teaching gifts in the context of the local church can pursue a preaching and teaching focus. Recommended courses include the following:

EM 5125 Teaching and Learning 2-3 hrs
HM 5000 Theology and Methodology of Biblical Preaching 2-3 hrs
HM 6610 Preaching Narrative 1 hr
HM 6620 Preaching Poetry and Prophecy 1 hr
HM 7210 Expository Preaching of a Biblical Book 2 hrs
HM 7400 Seminar: History of Preaching 2 hrs
HM 8000 Seminar: Current Issues 1-3 hrs
ME 8215 Teaching Across Cultures 3 hrs
NT 6600 Preaching from the New Testament 1 hr
OT 6600 Preaching from the Old Testament 1 hr