Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Old Testament – Focus in OT Hebrew, Literature, and Exegesis

The Old Testament Department acquaints students with the content and teaching of the Old Testament Scriptures and introduces them to the tools they need for a lifetime of effective independent study of these Scriptures. Attention is given to problems of Old Testament history and criticism. The value of the Old Testament for preaching and for understanding the New Testament is stressed. Students are also introduced to the historical and cultural backgrounds of biblical literature, provided an understanding of ancient Near Eastern cultures, have light shed on the interpretation of the Bible in its historical setting, and shown support for the biblical record of the history of the Jewish nation in its interrelationship with the peoples of the ancient world.

The focus in OT Hebrew, Literature, and Exegesis (60 hours) specifically focuses on matters of translation, theology, canon, and linguistics.

Old Testament – OT Hebrew, Literature, and Exegesis Concentration (60 hours total)

Required Courses 36 hrs
Varies Select four Old Testament seminars 16 hrs
ID 9200 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar I 4 hrs
ID 9300 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar II 4 hrs
ST 9100 Advanced Theological Prolegomena 4 hrs
ST 9110 The Theological Scholar 2 hrs
ST 9222 Principles of Higher Education 2 hrs
OT 8911 OT Studies I: Pentateuch & Former Prophets 2 hrs
OT 8912 OT Studies II: Later Prophets & Writings 2 hrs
Advanced Electives Generally OT or, with permission, other departments 12 hrs
Comprehensive Exam Prep and Dissertation 12 hrs
OT 9975 Comprehensive Exam Preparation 3 hrs
OT 9990 Dissertation Proposal Research 3 hrs
OT 9991 Dissertation Research 6 hrs