Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Old Testament – Focus in OT and Ancient Near Eastern History, Archaeology, and Languages

This concentration focuses on the ancient Near Eastern context, history, and archaeology of the Old Testament, with a focus on issues of historicity, ongoing archaeological fieldwork and the relationship of past fieldwork to the history of the Old Testament, and the cognate languages and cultural contexts of the Old Testament. Special attention is paid to issues relating to the historical context of the OT (rather than theology, exegesis, or textual criticism, although students will be competent in these as well).

Old Testament – Ancient Near Eastern History, Archaeology, and Languages Concentration (60 hours total)

Required Courses 45 hrs
Varies Select one Old Testament seminar 4 hrs
OT 7680 Literature of the Ancient Near East 3 hrs
OT 8xxx Religions of the ANE 3 hrs
OT 8811 History and Archaeology of the ANE I 3 hrs
OT 8812 History and Archaeology of the ANE II 3 hrs
Varies Ancient Near Eastern required languages 9 hrs
ID 9200 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar I 4 hrs
ID 9300 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar II 4 hrs
ST 9100 Advanced Theological Prolegomena seminar 4 hrs
ST 9110 The Theological Scholar 2 hrs
ST 9222 Principles of Higher Education 2 hrs
OT 8911 OT Studies I: Pentateuch & Former Prophets 2 hrs
OT 8912 OT Studies II: Latter Prophets & Writings 2 hrs
Advanced Electives From within this department or, with approval, from other departments. 9 hrs
Comprehensive Exam Prep and Dissertation 6 hrs
OT 9975 Comprehensive Exam Preparation 0 hrs
OT 9990 Dissertation Proposal Prep 0 hrs
OT 9991 Dissertation Research 6 hrs