Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


New Testament

The NT (THS) program exists to provide students with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the New Testament in its original contexts. Students will gain a general competency in the interpretation of various corpuses within the New Testament canon while acquiring the ability to address specific issues in New Testament studies. Emphasis is given to understanding the New Testament in its historical and cultural contexts, acquiring a particular competency in reading Hellenistic Greek texts, exploring theological developments within the New Testament, and developing the ability to evaluate critically the contributions of modern interpreters. Through these tools, students are expected to make original and significant contributions to the area of New Testament scholarship. Such contributions should in turn make an impact on the wider theological and ecclesiological contexts.

New Testament Concentration (60 hours total)

Required Courses 34 hrs
Varies Select four New Testament seminars 16 hrs
ID 9200 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar I 4 hrs
ID 9300 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar II 4 hrs
ST 9100 Advanced Theological Prolegomena 4 hrs
ST 9110 The Theological Scholar 2 hrs
ST 9222 Principles of Higher Education 2 hrs
NT 9111 New Testament Research 2 hrs
Advanced Electives Generally within NT or, with approval, other departments 14 hrs
Comprehensive Exam Prep and Dissertation 12 hrs
NT 9975 Comprehensive Exam Prep 3 hrs
NT 9990 Dissertation Proposal Prep 3 hrs
NT 9991 Dissertation Research 6 hrs