Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Cultural Engagement

Students committed to cultural engagement, multi-ethnic ministry, and/or engaging a diverse world for the sake of the gospel can pursue a cultural engagement focus. Recommended courses include the following:

CC 5610 Cultural Hermeneutics 2 hrs
CC 5615 Cultural Engagement 3 hrs
HM 8000 Seminar: Current Issues (topic: Preaching and Culture) 1-3 hrs
ME 7710 Contextualization 3-4 hrs
ME 8210 Intercultural Communications 3-4 hrs
ME 8215 Teaching Across Cultures 3 hrs
ME 9085 Global Migration and Diaspora of Faith Communities 3 hrs
PT 7842 Understanding the Urban World 2 hrs
PT 7860 Social & Cultural Exegesis 2-3 hrs
ST 6011 Global Theologies 2 hrs