Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Congregational Team Ministry

This focus is designed for those anticipating serving as ministry staff in areas such as Christian formation, youth ministry, and education. Building on the core MDiv curriculum, this ministry focus provides an opportunity for students to gain additional specialization in leadership, Christian formation, and youth ministry.

Courses you might take

Choose from the following (required): 6 hrs total
EM 5210 Christian Leadership 2 hrs
EM 5510 Christian Formation and Journey 2 hrs
EM 5712 Theology and Methodology of Biblical Teaching 2 hrs
EM 5540 Foundations of Youth Ministry 2 hrs
EM 5541 Youth Ministry Strategies 2-3 hrs
EM xxxx Additional coursework in youth ministry 2-3 hrs
Focus or General Electives Choose from this area or other departments 12 hrs