Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Compassion & Justice

As today’s world becomes increasingly fragmented along socio-economic and racial lines, the ministry of the Gospel needs to engage with a widening range of social, economic, and cultural issues. The specialized ministry focus in Compassion and Justice builds on this by offering students the opportunity to gain sociological and practical perspectives in the area of compassion and justice ministry through courses from multiple disciplines.

In addition to interdisciplinary class experiences, several extracurricular opportunities aim to further deepen students’ learning and growth in this area of ministry. Mosaic Ministries is an umbrella under which many community, church, and campus partnerships & activities take place, including the first academic chapter of the Christian Community Development Association; learn about these at the weekly Mosaic Gathering, open to the whole Trinity community, each Monday at 11am in Hinkson Hall (in Rodine). Additionally, the Compassion & Justice Living-Learning Floor is a dormitory floor that houses single students seeking to grow in the biblical understanding and practice of ministries of justice and mercy. These offer rich and varied opportunities for learning and serving.

Courses you might take

Choose from the following – 6 hours required, plus 12 hours of additional focus coursework or general electives.

PT 7724 Ministry in Under-Resourced Communities 3 hrs
ME 7722 Studies in Reconciliation 2 hrs
ME 8815 Ethnicity: Modes of Inquiry and Analysis 3 hrs
CO 6650 Multicultural Issues in Counseling 3 hrs
ST 7715 Political Theologies 3 hrs
ST 7710 Biblical and Theological Anthropology: Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality 3 hrs
PT 7842 Understanding the Urban World: A Sociological Analysis 2 hrs
ME 8312 Christian Encounter with World Religions 3 hrs