Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Church History / Historical Theology

The Church History Department at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is a vibrant community of faculty members, master’s students, and doctoral students committed to rigorous historical scholarship in service to Christ and his Church.

The teaching faculty includes three experienced historians, Drs. John Woodbridge, Douglas Sweeney, and Scott Manetsch, as well as a group of talented part-time teaching faculty who offer specialized courses in the history of the theology, institutions, and practice of the Christian church from the period of the early church to the present day. Our department is an exciting place to pursue graduate studies in church history!

Church History / Historical Theology Concentration (60 hours total)

Required Courses 34 hrs
Varies Select four Historical Theology seminars 16 hrs
ID 9200 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar I 4 hrs
ID 9300 Interdisciplinary THS Seminar II 4 hrs
ST 9100 Advanced Theological Prolegomena seminar 4 hrs
ST 9110 The Theological Scholar 2 hrs
ST 9222 Principles of Higher Education 2 hrs
CH 8911 Colloquium in Historical Methodology I 1 hr
CH 8912 Colloquium in Historical Methodology II 1 hr
Advanced Electives Either within CH or, with approval, other departments 14 hrs
Comprehensive Exam Prep and Dissertation 12 hrs
CH 9975 Comprehensive Exam Preparation 3 hrs
CH 9990 Dissertation Proposal Prep 3 hrs
CH 9991 Dissertation Research 6 hrs