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Internships & Field Experience

Internships and Field Experience

Field-based ministry experience is vital to the development of Trinity students and is a requirement for most academic programs.  In all TEDS programs, field experiences must be mentored experiences.  Mentoring does provide an opportunity to invest in the next generation of Christian leaders and your ministry is enriched by having the student minister in your setting.

For TEDS students field education experiences are of two kinds; Field Education courses and Internship courses.

  • Field Education Courses are done by MA students (Deerfield campus, extension sites, South Florida campus, and online) and require 3-5 hours per week of ministry for a thirteen-week semester.
  • MDiv Internship Courses are usually completed in 2-3 semesters; either 15 hours per week for three thirteen-week semesters, or 23 hours per week for two thirteen-week semesters. Typically, all semesters of the Internship are completed in the same ministry with the same mentor.  There is an Intensive Internship option which is only available for ministries outside of a reasonable commuting distance from Deerfield or ministries outside of the USA.  The Intensive Internship requires 45-50 hours per week for a thirteen-week semester.

Post an Opportunity

If you have a field education opportunity or an internship opportunity to post for a ministry, church, or parachurch organization, please complete the Ministry Opportunity Form from the link below.  If you have questions about Field Education or MDiv Internships please contact the Office of Supervised Ministries at (847) 317-8030 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected].

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