Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Chaplaincy at TEDS

Chaplains bring the presence of Christ to persons and situations that are often inaccessible to traditional pastors, missionaries, and parachurch workers.

Chaplaincy ministry is incarnational by nature. A chaplain’s parish ranges from battlefields to airfields, hospital rooms to break rooms, prison chapels to ships at sea. Though chaplains are often associated with military forces or hospitals, they may also serve in a number of different situations, such as disaster relief (first responder), corporate, fire departments, police departments, airports, race tracks, sports teams, nursing homes, hospice, and correctional institutions. Additionally, though many chaplains serve in a full-time capacity, a number of pastors have expanded their ministries by serving as reserve chaplains or as volunteers with their local police or fire departments. The opportunities chaplaincy ministry provides are plentiful.

Trinity is unique in its ability to offer not just basic chaplaincy courses, but specialized study options in related subjects including bioethics, counseling, and philosophy of religion (essential to those who serve in pluralistic environments). Additionally, Trinity’s proximity to a major military installation (Naval Station Great Lakes), major hospitals (including the nation’s first Federal Health Care Center), nursing homes, multi-level care facilities, and other chaplaincy-related organizations make this an ideal location to pursue chaplaincy training.

Trinity has partnered with various branches of the military to offer special scholarships to chaplain candidates, and up to four seminars advanced Doctor of Ministry standing for qualified military chaplains. In addition, Trinity’s fully-accredited programs qualify for most federal, state and veterans financial aid opportunities.

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