Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Student Employment


By being employed on campus through the Federal Work-Study Program, students can make up to $2,000+ per year. It is important for students to realize that a Federal Work-Study (FWS) award, if included in your financial aid award letter, is significantly different from other award items in two ways:

  • Unlike grants, scholarships, and loans, FWS is not a guaranteed amount, since it is the student’s responsibility to find a FWS job on campus.
  • Unlike grants, scholarships, and loans, there is no automatic posting of dollars to the student account. This occurs only if the student takes the initiative to deposit the biweekly paycheck into his or her own account.

When planning how the FWS award may affect your annual costs, you must project the actual amount you expect to earn. In many cases, the actual amount may be less than the total allowed by your Financial Aid award.

Please see our website for possible job opportunities.