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Financial Aid Case Studies

We profiled eight different students and created a detailed comparison of their incomes, expenses, and financial aid awards. This document can help you gain perspective on other students’  financial situations and help you plan for your own educational and living expenses.

Download the Case Studies PDF

Important Links

  • FAFSA on the web – Start here with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students needing Federal financial aid must submit the FAFSA.
  • Federal Student Loans – The Direct Loans site provides information for students about the federal Direct Loan program. If you have questions about federal student loans, this is the best place to start.
  • National Student Loan Data System – The NSLDS is the Department of Education’s central student aid database. The site provides student loan exit counseling, an integrated view of all of your Title IV loans, and a great overview of federal financial aid.
  • Important Consumer Information – In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act, we have provided this information to help you make an informed financial decision.

Scholarship Search Engines

  • FastWEB: Set up a personalized profile that will match your specific skills, abilities, and interests to fastWEB’s database of more than 400,000 scholarships.
  • College Board FundFinder: Locate scholarships, loans, internships, and other financial aid programs from noncollege sources that match your education level, talents, and background. Complete the profile form and Scholarship Search will find potential opportunities from a database of more than 2,000 undergraduate scholarships, internships, and loan programs.
  • U.S. News: Utilize this personalized search tool to find scholarships that match your specific background with your best scholarship options.

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