Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Academic Scholarship Program

The TEDS Academic Scholarship Program is our highest and most prestigious scholarship at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. This is for new incoming Masters of Divinity Students who have demonstrated academic excellence, ministerial service, and potential for leadership.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, incoming students to the Master of Divinity Program will have the opportunity to compete for our new Gleason Archer Scholarships (100% of tuition), Grant Osborne Scholarships (75% of tuition), Robert Duncan Culver Scholarships (50% of tuition), or to receive a number of our previously existing scholarships (up to 50% of tuition).


To be considered for this program, students must meet the following requirements:

  1.  Complete application requirements for Masters of Divinity program
  2.  Possess significant ministry, leadership, and academic experience, with a previous GPA of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale
  3.  Commit to entering into full-time ministry in the local church, missions, or academic teaching

Application Process

Step 1: 
Apply for admission to the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Master of Divinity Program

Step 2: Complete the general Trinity Scholarship Application

Step 3: Submit all materials required by the TEDS Academic Scholarship Program by the deadline in January. These materials are explained beneath. Please use the following form to submit the required information: Supplemental Materials Form.

1. Submit a 500-800 word Personal Statement on Trinity’s Core Values, detailing the following.

a. How you, the candidate, exemplify these values in your life
b. How these values will be integrated into your future vocation

2. Provide two individuals to submit letters of reference who fit the roles beneath. These can be from the same references used for admissions consideration. Please provide email addresses for each of your references, and we will contact them with a link to your reference form.

a. A church official or church member commenting on your aptness for Christian leadership with examples that testify to this potential
b. A faculty member commenting on your academic excellence, noting specific examples that testify to this ability

Step 4: Selected students will be invited to submit further materials and to visit campus to compete for scholarship consideration on February 23-24.

Following the Campus Visits

Once the scholarship event concludes, elements previously submitted for each student will be compared and evaluated. These elements consist of, but are not limited to, a personalized interview with TEDS faculty; new recommendations; updated resumes; writing samples; and a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s admissions file. The committee will make its scholarship recommendations to the Office of the President, and notifications of awards will be made in the middle of March.

Additional Information

For information about participating in the competition, please contact Trinity Graduate Admissions at (800) 345-8337 or [email protected].