Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Field Education & Internships

Field education and internships involve supervised work in a field-based ministry, which is generally a Christian organization or church outside of the TEDS community. This part of the TEDS degree programs is designed to:

  1. Integrate classroom studies with on-the-ground ministry.
  2. Aid in acquiring, reinforcing, and refining ministry knowledge and skills.
  3. Assist in the assessment and development of Christian character, spirituality, and ministerial call and identity.

Field education and internship experiences are guided by a supervisor who serves as a mentor and equipper. Opportunities for Trinity students in the Chicago metropolitan area are abundant and diverse. Field education and internship courses may be taken in any semester and completed anywhere in the world. Students enrolled at Extension Sites and at the Florida Regional Center are required to meet the same field ed requirements as students enrolled at the Deerfield campus.


Field education is a program requirement in all programs and is a prerequisite for the internship requirement as part of the MDiv program. Before beginning any field education, all students must attend or complete the field education orientation. New students (Deerfield campus only) enrolling in their first field education or internship must attend this orientation session at the beginning of the semester while Extension or Florida Regional Center students can do so online. Field Education and Internship requirements are only satisfied when they meet the appropriate time commitments necessary for completion.

Duration Time Commitment
Field Education 13 weeks 3-5 hours per week
Internship Varying Part Time: 15 hours per week
Full Time: 30 hours per week

Prior Ministry Experience

Students with extensive ministry experience (two to four years or more full-time) prior to enrolling in Trinity who desire to obtain a waiver of Field Ed or receive advance substitution of internship requirements are encouraged to contact the Office of Supervised Ministries. For MDiv students, application deadlines for Fall admissions are August 1 of the following year; for Spring admissions, January 1 of the following year. For MA students, application deadlines are January 1 (for Fall admissions) and August 1 (for Spring admission).


If you have questions about Field Education and Supervised Ministries, please contact the Field Education Office.