Campus Safety

Security Services is a 24/7 operation and therefore provides a variety of services to the community and serves as an after-hours extension for most departments. Below is a partial list of the many services that Security Services provides to the community.

Motor Vehicle Assistance

  • Locked Vehicle: Security owns equipment for the purpose of accessing vehicles in which the owners have locked their keys. If you accidentally lock your keys in your car on campus, you may contact Security to attempt to gain access. (This requires a signed waiver form.) If Security is unable to help, they can contact the Bannockburn Police Department for assistance or provide several locksmith numbers.
  • Dead Battery: Security provides two options for solving this problem. First, Security owns a set of jumper cables that may be loaned out. University Policy prohibits the use of institutional vehicles for jumping cars, and therefore it is the borrower’s responsibility to find someone to help jump their car. Second, Security owns a battery jump-starting pack. This device can only be operated by Security Personnel. This requires a signed waiver form.

Campus Escort

Many individuals living on the north end of campus are required to park in the Sports Complex lot (far south). As a result, Security provides escorts across campus during late hours and in inclement weather when personal safety is a concern. To receive an escort, stop at the gatehouse or contact Security from any campus phone at x6400.

Building and Room Access

  • Lock Out: In the event that a resident locks themselves out of their room or apartment, Security may provide access to the room. The resident should first attempt to contact their RA or ARD. If this is unsuccessful, they may contact Security at x6400. The resident must provide their student ID or other official identification to gain access.
  • After Hours: In the event that an individual must gain access to a building after hours (e.g. if their paper needs to be turned in or they arrived back late), Security may provide access to the building, if a university ID or other official identification is provided.


Security serves as an after hours pick-up and drop-off location for housing, provided that arrangements are made with the Housing Office before hand.

Campus Visits

Security is the first stop for most campus visitors. Packets may be left at the gatehouse by the admissions departments or other hosting departments. Security also provides vehicle visitor passes free of charge and campus maps for all visitors.