Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Other Mosaic Partnerships

Seminary-Church-Community Partnerships

Trinity intentionally partners with its immediate surrounding communities, which reflect significant socio-economic and racial diversity. With this diversity as context, Mosaic Ministries promote the Christian vision of reconciliation through holistic witness and development, resulting in Gospel ministry in Trinity’s neighborhoods and leadership development for today’s world.

Mosaic House: an intentional Christian community in North Chicago for single students who are seeking to grow in the biblical understanding and practice of reconciliation. It is a house of prayer, hospitality, and discipleship–positioned to help students experience and minister through new places of pain and hope in themselves, others, the city, and beyond. Students embrace life together, refine theology, and participate in God’s redemptive work in the city.

Mosaic Church Network: a network of diverse churches that are committed to healthy, mutual partnerships across the divides of race and socio-economic class. The Network provides church homes, mentoring/discipleship, and service opportunities for students along with continuing education for pastors and lay leaders.

Mosaic Partnerships: a collaboration with the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) and North Lake County ministries to create field education and internship opportunities for those who desire to actively serve in under-resourced communities. This includes service opportunities with various ministries, churches, and non-profit organizations. Students participate in long-term gospel ministry while at the same time being developed as leaders for today’s world. These partnerships are not necessarily connected or affiliated with one another but are various ways for students to serve, whether because they desire it or for internship credit.