As people entrusted with the Gospel, Trinity Mosaic Ministries aims to advance the ministry of reconciliation and renewal by equipping students, developing resources, and creating new networks.

Mosaic Gathering

Partnering with the Christian Community Development Association, the Mosaic Gathering is a unique, collaborative learning community for the formation of Christ-centered leaders who partner with the Holy Spirit in the gospel work of peacemaking, truth proclaiming, and bridge building.

Mosaic Gatherings of 2014-2015 will regularly meet on Wednesdays at 11am in Melton Hall (in Waybright). It is a forum that is open to the entire Trinity community (students, faculty, staff, and friends).

We seek students who want to process / contextualize their learning experiences at Trinity and grow as leaders who can provide effective leadership in many ministry settings. As we explore the Christian vision of reconciliation, our weekly gatherings consist of prayer, biblical reflections, cultural and social analysis, and networking with like-minded leaders.

Mosaic Ministries

The Gathering includes, but is not limited to, the following communities:

  • Compassion and Justice Living Learning Floor: Home to the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) Academic Chapter, this on-campus residence hall for single students is meant to equip its residents for biblical thought and action as it relates to social justice issues. The members of this living-learning floor participate in the Gathering every week.
  • Campus groups, local non-profit and church leaders – The Gathering is meant to be a space in which the Trinity community can intentionally network around these issues with community leaders who are also actively engaged in these works in various contexts. All are welcome, and we plan to feature various community voices in an intentional way.

Mosaic Ministries Scholarship

In order to help equip servant leaders who are committed to the Gospel ministry of reconciliation, Trinity offers 15 half-tuition scholarships to new Master’s program students on our Deerfield campus. We hope to remove financial barriers for students who desire sound biblical and theological teaching to grow in their ability to see needs and challenges in the world.

Fifteen incoming students will receive a 50% tuition scholarship to TEDS, renewable each year up to the completion of one degree program. These students will experience spiritual formation and leadership development for today’s world through the Student Leadership Retreat and the Mosaic Gathering, and will be shaped by like-minded mentor-to-peer and peer-to-peer relationships.

Read about the qualifications for receiving and maintaining this scholarship, and, once you have read, send us your application!

 For more information about Mosaic Ministries, please contact Daniel Hartman at