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Abhishek (Abhi) Kumar

Admissions Counselor, Graduate Admissions


Patna, India


BA / Business – University of Pune, Pune, India
MDiv – Oakland City University: Chapman Seminary, Evansville, IN


I can help you with:

  • MA in Counseling Ministry
  • MA in Mental Health Counseling
  • Master of Divinity


Abhishek was born and raised in North India alongside people from various faith and cultural traditions. He completed his Bachelor of Business from Pune University, India, before moving to the US to pursue his further studies. Abhi holds an MDiv from Oakland City University’s Chapman Seminary in Indiana, where he also served in on the leadership team of an international student volunteer organization on three separate University campuses. Abhi has a variety of experiences within cross-cultural coaching, campus community work, and youth empowerment in South Asia and the US. Prior to coming to TIU as a Graduate Admissions Counselor, he worked in Banking, Sales and Recruitment environments. He has also volunteered with RZIM and other international organizations in facilitating overseas teams, training, leadership development and public speaking.

As a Graduate Admissions Counselor, Abhi assists prospective students in MDiv programs, as well as students considering MA in Counseling Ministries, MA in Mental Health Counseling, and MA in Leadership programs. Abhi is passionate about helping new students find their place at Trinity and its community life through exploring their personal calling. He is excited about helping students through the process of making decisions and connections on and off campus as they contemplate higher theological education at Trinity.

Abhi loves living in Chicago and enjoys the diversity of experiences that it has to offer. He enjoys camping, traveling, conversations, languages, and intercultural interactions. He also plays an Indian percussion instrument called the “Tabla” for pleasure at cultural and musical events. His interests lie in the areas of global relations, race, poverty issues, refugee resettlement, and Business For Transformation. He is married to his lovely wife Jessica who also has cross-cultural, not-for-profit experience in South Asia and Latin America.