Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Orientation Schedule


8:45 am
Proficiency and General Comprehensive Exams
Kantzer Lecture Hall (KSK 141)

The M.Div and some MA programs require incoming students to take placement exams before registering for some advanced classes. You must register at least two weeks prior to the exam. To register for these exams visit >Academics > Exam Information


9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Residence Life/ Housing Move-In Day
Owens 800 lounge

All Owens residents and Living-Learning Floor residents can move in to their room on this day. The Residence Life Team will be on hand to assist with moving in and to answer any questions you may have.

4:00 pm
Grad Res Life Mandatory Meeting and BBQ

Join us for this important meeting to learn the ins and outs of On Campus living. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet your neighbors and join us for dinner!


8:00 am
Conference Check-in
Waybright Center (Melton Hall)

Meet various university offices and student groups who will be on hand to help you transition. Offices present include Student Accounting, Records, Financial Aid, Health Services, Mail Services, and ID Cards among others. This will be a quick and efficient way to take care of necessary logistics while meeting fellow students. Make sure to visit every table so you don’t miss anything!

9:30 am
Welcome to Trinity
Rodine (Hinkson Hall)

We will orient our hearts and minds to begin the journey at Trinity.

10:00 am
Plenary I: Seminary and Graduate Academia
Rodine (Hinkson Hall)

Our Dean will address the ethos and the fabric of academic life and pursuit at Trinity. Details from the academic catalog will be highlighted during this time.

11:00 am

11:15 am
Plenary II: Community Life
Rodine (Hinkson Hall)

Nervous about starting your Trinity journey? Want to find out some tips for success? We will discuss what it means to be a part of a Christian learning community and how to make the most of your student life experience.

12:15 pm
Lunch with TEDS/TGS Faculty
Rodine (Hinkson Hall)

Come and meet your TEDS and TGS faculty. Meet your formation group leader, get advice on getting the most out of your time at Trinity, and find out about the importance of formation groups as part of your spiritual formation.

1:45 pm
Rodine (classrooms)

A series of workshops will be offered to help you make a successful transition to the Trinity learning community. Attend a workshop that is of most interest to you.

2:30 pm
Understanding Your Program
Rodine (classrooms)

Chairs and Program Directors will give an overview of your program and explain the details of which you need to be aware.

3:30 pm
Worship & Commissioning Service
ATO Chapel

Join fellow students and faculty for a worship and commissioning service to inaugurate the new year. We hope to bless you and your family as you begin the journey here at Trinity. Families are encouraged to attend.


9:00-4:30 pm
International Student and Scholar Training
Rodine (Room 124)

This session is mandatory for all F1 and J1 international students and scholars and their spouses. Topics covered include cultural adjustment, life at Trinity, and important F1 and J1 immigration regulations. Please bring your passport, I-20 or DS-2019 documents, I-94 card, and your social security card and driver’s license if you already have them. Lunch will be provided. If child care is needed please contact Mike Phillips at

9:00 am
Financial Aid Workshop
Rodine (Room 125)

10:00 am
Field Education Training
Rodine (Room 125)

If you are in a TEDS MA or the M.Div program and plan on taking a Field Education course this semester, a mandatory orientation session is required. Field Education opportunities and requirements will be discussed. Field Ed Training is both on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

11:00 am
Task Stream Training
Rodine (Room 125)

1:00 pm
Library Workshop
Rolfing Library


Although it is a Wednesday, Monday classes meet on this day.

12:00 pm
Field Education Training
Rodine (Hinkson Hall)

If you are in a TEDS MA or the M.Div program and plan on taking a Field Education course this semester a mandatory orientation session is required. Field Education opportunities and requirements will be discussed.


11:00 am
First Chapel
ATO Chapel

12:00 pm
Back to School BBQ

Join the TEDS/TGS students, staff, and faculty as we kick off the semester with a community lunch. Students who have Thursday formation groups are encouraged to get lunch and then attend their scheduled formation group time.


1:00 pm
M.Div TaskStream Training – M.Div students only
Rodine (Hinkson Hall)

TaskStream Training is an opportunity for students to learn about the details of this program which you will use throughout your M.Div candidacy process. Additionally, this training is a great opportunity for students to see the entire candidacy process with a “bird’s eye view” noting specific time line and registration restrictions. This training is required of all incoming M.Div students.

FRIDAY, September 4th and 11th, 2015

1:00 – 3:00 pm
PEPQ Administered (Counseling Assessment Test)
Rodine (Room 125)

Christian Worldview: a way of thinking that is informed and shaped by God’s Word and in Christ and is distinct from the world’s. It’s about the Christian story vs. the popular narrative. Students need to find their purpose and role in the story by… Integration: recognizing that one’s belief system (faith) has everything to do with daily life and with learning. Discipleship: faithfully following Christ in everything (for a more complete explanation, a handout is attached to this email that Scott put together.) A disciple is someone who has decided that the most important thing in life is to learn how to do what Jesus said to do. Our goal is to establish a culture of discipleship in our division, asking the question of ourselves “how is this (event, initiative, conversation) forming this student?” We are to be: Gospel centered Kingdom-focused Intellectually serious Academically rigorous Unapologetically Christian Evangelically faithful (Note: this was not in a later list) Question: what do we need to do as a staff to cultivate these in our students? Answer: Adopt a new culture, emphasize values, care for each other so we cultivate students, develop habits and practices to support these. Culture-shaping values (per staff) distilled down to 3 major headings we want to further incorporate: Trust, Common Purpose, and Care/Support. We trust this will lead to flourishing, growth, joy etc. (The complete list is: transparency, communication, authenticity, care & support, investment, advocates, flourishing, privilege, joy, trust, growth, development, common purpose, collaboration, accountability.) Some artifacts we would like to further engage in: prayer, Monday meetings, collaboration, and pushing the “reset” button on things. We committed to the hard work of making wise decisions along the lines of developing this culture so that we might disciple our students to develop an integrated Christian worldview. Next steps: Over the summer, we will look at what we do and see what we may not need any more, and how to better instill these characteristics, concepts, and values into who we are and what we do.