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Dr. Kilner served for more than eleven years as president of The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity on the Trinity campus, where he continues as senior fellow. He is currently co-chair of the bioethics section of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Dr. Kilner has been interviewed in such television venues as NBC (with Tom Brokaw), FOX News (with Bill O’Reilly), CBS, CNN, and PAX, such radio venues as National Public Radio, Moody Broadcasting Network, and Salem Network, and such newspaper venues as the New York Times, Washington Times, and Chicago Tribune. He has served as a professor at Asbury Theological Seminary and at the University of Kentucky and as a senior associate at the Park Ridge Center.

Selected Publications

Dr. Kilner has authored/edited twenty books published by Eerdmans, Zondervan, Kregel, Tyndale, Yale University Press, and Georgetown University Press, including Biotechnology and the Human Good; Life on the Line: Ethics, Aging, Ending Patients’ Lives, and Allocating Vital Resources; Genetics, Stem Cell Research, and Cloning; and most recently, Why the Church Needs Bioethics: A Guide to Wise Engagement with Life’s Challenges. He has also written many articles that have appeared in periodicals such as the Hastings Center Report; Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law; American Journal of Public Health; Archives of Internal Medicine; Mayo Clinic Proceedings; American Journal of Jurisprudence; and Interpretation.

Awards, Affiliations, and Achievements


  • From Harvard – Newcombe, Danforth, Eisenhower, DeKarman, Roothbert, Merit, Howe, and Sheldon awards.
  • Dr. Kilner’s  general doctoral exams and PhD dissertation were recognized with distinction.
  • 2006 Educator of the Year Award – National Christian Medical & Dental Associations


Member of:

  • American Academy of Religion
  • American Society of Bioethics and Humanities
  • Society of Christian Ethics
  • Evangelical Theological Society (Dr. Kilner co-chairs the bioethics section)
  • Senior Fellow of The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity


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