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Biblical and Systematic Theology

The Biblical and Systematic Theology Department is designed to provide a thorough grasp of the major doctrines of Christianity and to integrate these, as far as possible, into a harmonious system. The Bible is held as the source of all doctrine and the ultimate criterion for all theological formulation. Attention is given to the organic growth of Christian doctrine in the Old and New Testaments, as well as in the church through the ages since Pentecost. Students are also introduced to biblical perspectives on contemporary theological and ethical issues.

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Church History and the History of Christian Thought

The Church History Department at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is a vibrant community of faculty members, master’s students, and doctoral students committed to rigorous historical scholarship in service to Christ and his Church. The teaching faculty includes three experienced historians as full-time faculty, as well as a group of talented adjunct professors who offer specialized courses in the history of the theology, institutions, and practice of the Christian church from the period of the early church to the present day. Our department is an exciting place to pursue graduate studies in church history!

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The Counseling Department is dedicated to helping students better understand the nature and needs of human beings, to appreciate the differences between people, to become familiar with the methods and conclusions of psychology as applied to the work of the church, to study areas of alleged conflict between the Bible and scientific psychology, and especially to develop skills in counseling and interpersonal relations.

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Educational Ministries

Through its Department of Educational Ministries, Trinity seeks to prepare competent and knowledgeable professional leaders for Educational Ministry throughout the evangelical world in obedience to Jesus’ command to “make disciples of all nations.” A biblical philosophy of Educational Ministries requires balance between message and medium. Consequently, Trinity’s Educational Ministries degree programs represent a carefully planned balance between biblical/theological subjects and professional subjects of Educational Ministry.

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New Testament Studies

The New Testament Department exists to provide students with a solid foundation for understanding the New Testament in its original context. Students are encouraged to explore broadly through survey courses as well as deeply through the study of individual books or specific issues in New Testament studies. Emphasis is given to understanding the New Testament in its historical and cultural contexts, acquiring a general competency in reading Hellenistic Greek texts, exploring theological developments within the New Testament, and developing the ability to evaluate critically the contributions of modern interpreters. Through these tools, students are given the means to bridge the gap from the original meaning to contemporary significance in their lives and ministries.

Old Testament and Semitic Languages

The Old Testament Department acquaints students with the content and teaching of the Old Testament Scriptures and introduces them to the tools they need for a lifetime of effective independent study of these Scriptures. Attention is given to problems of Old Testament history and criticism; the value of the Old Testament for preaching and for understanding the New Testament is stressed. Students are also introduced to the historical and cultural backgrounds of biblical literature, provided an understanding of ancient Near Eastern cultures, and shown support for the biblical record of the history of the Jewish nation in its interrelationship with the peoples of the ancient world.

Pastoral Theology

The Pastoral Theology Department exists to serve students by developing a community where together we can work out God’s calling on our lives by integrating life and doctrine in pursuit of godliness that commends the gospel, equipping for the ministries of preaching, shepherding, and overseeing, and embracing a proper biblical and theological orientation to the church and world.

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